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A Quick Setup Guide For First Time Pod Connect Users

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Let's Get Started!

Setting up POD Connect to work for you and your business is a simply and straight forward process. To get started, watch this quick video on how to get your designs into a CSV file so that POD Connect knows exactly what information to upload!


Map Your Options

To upload to Redbubble, head over the services tab and select Redbubble. Here, we are simply going to map the different option requirements that Redbubble needs to the spreadsheet that you uploaded to the software.

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Select Your Products

Spreadshirt has over 200+ different products that you can list a single design on! To set this up, follow the video to map your different options and set up your Spreadshirt template so that each design goes on the maximum number of products available from this massive marketplace.


Setting Prices

Getting POD Connect to sell on Teespring is a breeze. Head on over to the services tab and select which prices, colors and options you want to upload your designs to. Make sure to set different prices for each product for a customized experience.

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Gain Access To Hundreds of New Options

Ready to take your business in a new direction? Printful has many integrations on new marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, and Shopify! They also offer over 190+ products that many markets simply do not have yet! Watch this video in order to take advantage of all Printful has to offer.


Expand Your Possibilities

If you want to have another print on demand supplier in your corner, Printify is top of the list! Printify has different integrations such as Etsy, Shopify, and Ebay. They also offer multiple print partners for each product so you can make sure you are getting the widest selection of colors and options while taking home the highest ROI for your business.

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Upload 1000+ New Products

Setting up POD Connect to sell on Zazzle will open up extensive opportunities for your business. Zazzle currently offers over 1,000+ print on demand products with a cap of 100,000 designs on your account. Setting up Zazzle on POD Connect is as simple as selecting some options and clicking upload!


Adding New Print Providers

Gooten has integrations with Etsy, Shopify, and more. With over 120 different print on demand products and often better pricing, adding Gooten as a print provider in your business will add more to your bottom line! Setting up Gooten requires an account and a few clicks to start uploading your designs to your store.

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